Student Ministries

Dave Myers
Student Ministries Pastor

Do you want to be connected to people around you? Are you looking for a safe place you can go to be yourself? Do you really want to be somewhere that the people around you understand you and care about you? Come and experience what it means to live in a community of people who are learning to love God and each other! PazNaz Student Ministries is a community set aside to understand their identity in Christ, practice holiness like Christ, and the serve the world alongside Christ, both now and in the future.


Sunday School
9:15-10:20 am
Room 134, Meguiar Youth Center

Congregational Worship
10:30–11:45 am

Middle School Worship Service
2nd and 4th Sundays of the Month
10:30-11:45 am
Room 112, Lower Sanctuary


Middle School – 6:30 pm in Room 112, Lower Sanctuary
High School – 6:30 pm in Room 201, Sanctuary Level
Join PazNaz Student Ministries this fall for teaching on what it means to be a true disciple of Jesus. If you are in 6th-12th grade, you are invited each week to a safe space to hang out with friends, play fun games, and engage in meaningful conversations about life and faith.

Forms and Documents

All students attending a retreat or event must have an active FAMILY RELEASE FORM on record. The forms cover January-December, meaning only one need be filled out each year. Families with multiple students in the ministry must only fill out the form one time, provided the filled form includes each child’s name and medical information.


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