Finding Family

Hi! My name is Rachel Rodeheaver and I attend the Valley Center campus of PazNaz. I currently work in Sports Medicine at Azusa Pacific University (APU) as an athletic trainer with the football and track teams while I study to earn my Master’s Degree in Leadership. The people of Valley Center have been a tremendous blessing in my life. When I moved to Azusa after graduating from Olivet Nazarene University in the summer of 2015, I didn’t know anyone. I church hopped throughout the fall of my first football season working at APU, never quite finding a place that felt … Read More

Say Hello to Dan Doctorian

These words are what I was accustomed to hearing as the son of Rev. Samuel Doctorian. My father was an evangelist who preached in 132 countries over his 62-year ministry. When we traveled with him, we knew to be ready to have him call us up to the pulpit – even when we were as young as 10 years old. I grew up in Beirut, Lebanon, with three brothers and a sister. Together, we would often travel around the world with my parents to be part of my father’s evangelistic meetings. My mother was a wonderful support to him, as … Read More

The Best Buddies

The year was 2010. The time was 5:00 pm on a Saturday evening in January. The place was the Parker Gymnasium at PazNaz. The event was Upward Wheels, a brand new ministry that sprung out of a desire to provide a place for the PazNaz Upward Director’s son to experience basketball. This was no ordinary basketball league. It had been adapted and geared for players who needed modified hoops, basketballs, and even a modified game. These players needed a buddy to push their wheelchairs around the court and assist them with making baskets, blocking their opponents, and having a sports … Read More