Worship Arts

Pastor of Creative Worship

Ali Deckard



Pastor of Creative Worship: Ali Deckard
Phone: 626.351.2436

Our Mission

PazNaz Worship Arts seeks to be a bridge of connection to God and to one another through congregational singing and artistic expression.

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Worship Team

The 9:30 am English Worship Team is a branch of the PazNaz Worship Collective. This is the primary music-leading group for the 9:30 am English service. This group regularly includes vocals, drums/percussion, bass guitar, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, piano, and keyboard. A variety of orchestral instruments are also integrated into this team from the string, woodwind, and brass families. If you have interest in serving with the Worship Team, please contact Pastor Ali Deckard to set up a meeting and audition.

Worship Choir

An opportunity for anybody that likes to sing and has a heart for the worship of the church! The Worship Choir partners with the Worship Team to lead together on specific Sundays in the 9:30 am English service. Please contact Pastor Ali Deckard if you are interested in learning more.

Testify & SonSeekers

PazNaz is an intergenerational church. The leadership of our children and students is important to us. There are a couple of opportunities for children and students to engage in music teams, learning about what it means to be a worshipper and a worship leader in the church. Testify is the worship team for PazNaz Students directed by Pastor Ali Deckard, and SonSeekers is our children's choir directed by Julie Abajian. For more information on either of these teams, please contact Pastor Ali Deckard.