Wednesday Nights


Starting Wednesday, January 11, at 6:30 pm


Women’s Ministries: Girlfriend to Girlfriend
Do you feel like you don’t pray enough, read your Bible enough, share your faith enough, or aren’t spiritual enough?  Women of all ages are invited to  explore how imperfection, unfinishedness, and messiness are the earmarks of true Christianity. Real Christianity is messy, erratic, lopsided, and gloriously liberating. Come to Girlfriend to Girlfriend, a book study with 70 ladies who pray and share life together, and study Messy Spirituality: God’s Annoying Love for Imperfect People by Mike Yaconelli. Books will be available the first day of class. There is a $20 fee for materials and scholarships are available.

6:30 pm in Gilmore Hall
Contact Megan Marsh – 626.351.2469

Men’s Ministries: Exodus-The Story of Redemption
Sometimes, in order for God to get your attention, he must first do something so unusual and unexpected in your life that you have no other choice than to stop, look, and listen. Everything that happens in your life narrative, whether good or bad, reminds you that when you submit to God’s way, he’ll do amazing things in and through you. Despite past failures, deep disappointments, hardships, grief, and pain, your life can still be used to accomplish his divine plan.

6:30 pm in Room 246, Reed Hall
Contact Pastor Joe Halbert – 626.351.2421

God’s Healing for Life’s Losses
If you experience loss in your life, including losing a loved one, health, relationship, finance, and others, this class will provide a safe place for you to share and receive support. Using the book God’s Healing for Life’s Losses, the group will walk with you to find comfort and hope in Christ.

6:30 pm in Room 247, Reed Hall
Contact Ginny Pedrotti – 626.446.5009

Thrive: Forming
Forming shows you how to build a relationship with God that has enough substance to actually change you from the inside out, instead of trying to live up to a high standard through self-effort.

6:30 pm in Room 248, Reed Hall
Contact Maria Berbee – 626.319.9288

Early Childhood: The Nest
This winter children will explore Old Testament adventurers like Esther, Daniel, and David. They’ll dive into powerful stories, get to know what makes them special, and learn toe respond to the Word of God creatively and intentionally.

6:30 pm in Arms Hall
Contact Pastor Faith Romasco – 626.351.2469

PazNaz Kids: God is…
This winter, PazNaz Kids (grades 1-5) will explore the Bible to learn about five of God’s unchanging attributes and how they affect the way you should live.

6:30 pm in Room 102, Lower Sanctuary
Contact Pastor Doug Ravasdy – 626.351.2456

Student Ministries
Join Student Ministries this winter for a series called How to: Faithfully Navigating Life’s Difficult Situations. They will be exploring topics like social media, peer pressure, integrity, and friendship. If you are in 6th-12th grade, you are invited each week to a safe space to hang out with friends, play fun games, engage in worship, and have meaningful conversations about life and faith.

6:30 pm in Meguiar Youth Center
Contact Pastor Mackenzie Smith – 626.351.2441

Oasis Adult Ministry
Oasis is a ministry program for special needs teens and adults. This winter, Oasis will be going through the book of Romans. Come for a time of connection with friends and worship as the group learns how to live out the mission of Christ and discovers ways to serve him.

6:30 pm in Room 115, Lower Sanctuary
Contact Pastor Julie Keith – 626.351.2485

Worship and Celebration Arts
Come lift your voice and have fun with a great team in the Celebration Choir on Wednesday nights, and with the Sunrise Orchestra on Thursday evenings. Pick up a Worship and Celebration Arts brochure for more information.

Celebration Choir
Wednesday at 6:45 pm in Room 101, Sanctuary

Sunrise Orchestra
Thursday at 7:30 pm in Room 101, Sanctuary

Contact Pastor Alan De Vries – 626.351.2419

Mandarin Ministries
Join this group for a time of prayer, worship, and Bible study as they go through the book of Luke in both Chinese and English.

7:30 pm in Room 149, Reed Hall
Contact Pastor Min Xiao – 626.351.2427

Armenian Christian Outreach
The Armenian Christian Outreach of PazNaz invites you for a time of prayer and Bible study on Wednesdays.

Prayer Meeting at 6:30 pm in Room 148, Reed Hall
Bible Study at 7:30 pm in Room 146, Reed Hall

Contact Pastor Mano Agulian – 626.351.2471