We’ve all got questions about life, the Church, God, and how we engage our communities. We don’t have all the answers, life can be messy; and we’d rather work our questions out together. So bring your questions, come with your doubts; come to the table and let’s let God cultivate something new.

SUNDAY SCHOOL  |  11:00 AM SUNDAYS  |  Sanctuary Room 102

WORD & TABLE  |  5:00 PM SECOND & FOURTH SUNDAYS  |  Reed Hall 148

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We are a Christian community formed to seek justice, love mercy, and walk humbly with God and with one another. We are passionate about meaningfully engaging our context and cities, as well as learning to be present to God, one another, and neighbor well.

We are dedicated to the deepening of spiritual formation, development of shared life, and concerned with embodied faith and justice. We are centered on the ancient-future practices of hospitality, simplicity, prayer, peacemaking, and resistance.

Opportunities to Serve

5:00 PM SECOND & FOURTH SUNDAYS  |  Reed 148


When we gather for Word & Table we open the Word for conversational preaching and discussion, share in spiritual disciplines, and partake of communion together.


We gather to pray and read the lectionary passages (scripture) every Sunday morning. Join us in the cave for a short time of centering as we move through The Book of Common Prayer for Ordinary Radicals.



3700 East Sierra Madre Boulevard
Pasadena, CA 91107



We strive to engage Storytelling, Space Making, and Service that we might live together as Beloved Creation and be a credible witness to the life of Jesus who is the Christ. We exist so that our shared life can be poured out to our neighborhoods and cities for the sake of God's reconciling work.


Story: We all have stories to share and we are all invited to participate in and live the story of God. By owning our stories and learning to listen well to the stories of others, we make space for the Story of God to be expressed.

Space: There is always room at the table of the Lord. As followers of Christ we have to ask thoughtful questions about who is missing from the Table and learn to make space.

Service: We are not saved to sit, we are saved to serve. Being invited to live the story of God means embodying God’s heart for justice and grace and participating in God’s reconciling work.


We believe that God is love. We believe in God’s ongoing work of restoration, reconciliation, and transformation. We believe we are invited to participate in an incarnational ministry of presence. We believe that a table of welcome is a key expression of the radical and subversive love that we are called to emulate as followers of Christ. We believe that the word of God is living and active, and that we open the word to learn to ask better questions. We believe that God is always present, even when it doesn’t feel like it. We believe that God is constantly doing a new work and that we have been formed by generations of faithful followers of Christ. We believe that we are offered life from the Triune God so that we might live in covenantal connection with God and become practitioners of love and shalom. We believe that God is making all things new, and that in the now and the not yet space what we do matters, who we are matters, and what happens in God’s world matters.

We are a worshiping community of PazNaz and a part of the the Global Church of the Nazarene, a Wesleyan Holiness Denomination.