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The School of Faith Development, taught by Dr. Brad Strawn, is designed to help you grow as a disciple of Jesus by deepening your knowledge of scripture, practices, church, and service all within a small group setting. This program requires commitment, regular attendance, and weekly homework.

Reading the Bible: Knowing the Gospel
Wednesdays from 6:30-8:00 pm | September 9-November 11 online through Zoom

Christian Formation and Spiritual Practices: Being Formed by the Gospel
Coming Wednesdays in January 2021

Christian Vocation: Living the Gospel
Coming Wednesdays in April 2021

*Please note that each module is a prerequisite for the next. If you are unable to attend one, you will need to wait until that module is offered again before taking any further classes.

Tuition is $50 per module. Please sign up for the second module before Wednesday, September 9.

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When I signed up to take the School of Faith Development at PazNaz I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. It had been quite awhile since I had taken any classes but I knew I wanted to dig deeper into my faith then I had so far. The School of Faith Development was better than I had dared to hope for! Pastor Tara Beth and Pastor Brad were OUTSTANDING!! They chose books for us to read that did not tell us what to think or feel but guided us to examine our thoughts, our backgrounds as it affected our faith and our feelings. We had people in our class that I did not know and in a short period of time I was sharing some very personal thoughts and feelings with them and they were doing the same with me. Our class became incredibly close and I believe that was because Tara Beth and Brad helped us feel so safe and secure with each other.

If you are thinking of taking this class I strongly encourage you to do so! This class was one of the best things I have EVER done on my faith journey! The side benefit was developing deep friendships that I know will last my lifetime.

– Richard Cota

School of Faith Development was a great combination of teaching and table discussions, reading and homework, and sharing each other’s faith journey. For me the grace-filled teaching by Pastors Brad Strawn and Tara Beth Leach spoke volumes to me during the three modules.

As the first module began, I found my personal life suddenly consumed with caring for the needs of my elderly parents. It was so helpful to be reading books, scripture and learning about the God of the Bible and I could cry out to God for help, mercy and wisdom as we made decisions for my parents. As each subsequent module began, I was faced with a new challenge and again, experienced God’s faithfulness. The loving support of other class members encouraged me as we continued our class time together.

– Nancy Rench

For anyone longing for growth, connection and engagement, the School of Faith Development is where you will want to be come this September. Together with other spiritual seekers, and in a safe environment, you will learn to read the Bible better and discover spiritual disciplines and practices that will strengthen your life and help you find your place of service and ministry in the world.

For me, going to church regularly and connecting with others who seek to know and follow the ways of Christ is the primary way I am formed in the image of Christ so that I become more loving, kind, compassionate and generous towards others. Left to my own devices I don’t think I would have the capacity to develop that kind of character. But as I gather weekly with others who point me in the direction that I want to orient my life towards, I am shaped and formed to be a better version of myself, and the world is a better place for it. This is what I discovered being a part of the School of Faith Development.

– Larry Rench

The readings, discussion, and practice sessions in the School of Faith Development helped me go to the next level in my faith journey and prayer life. It deepened my understanding and expression of prayer and how to pray. It challenged me to explore and examine my long held faith traditions, and opened new paths towards intimacy with God. I’ll be forever grateful that I was led to this class.

– Cathy Cota