Living the Mission: Wednesdays


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This event finished on 02 August 2017

Living the Mission … Right Where You Are
Wednesday Evenings | 6:30 pm in Gilmore Hall
Download the Living the Mission Primer
This summer, join your PazNaz family as they explore the power of story and seek ways to live missionally in the local and global neighborhood. Each Wednesday night, PazNaz’s Jerry Romasco will lead you through a vulnerable exploration of the power of story, both “my story” and “others’ stories.” This class time will strengthen your ability to develop meaningful relationships with those who are different from you, as you intentionally live missionally. The structure of the class will be: three weeks exploring My Story; one week unpacking No Secrets, an anonymous space for people to share and develop empathy as a skill and posture towards others; and three weeks exploring Others’ Stories.

Early Childhood: The Nest
This summer children will explore Old Testament adventurers like Esther, Daniel, and David. They’ll dive into powerful stories, get to know what makes them special, and learn toe respond to the Word of God creatively and intentionally. 

6:30 pm in Arms Hall
Contact Pastor Ali Ravasdy – 626.351.2469

PazNaz Kids: Discover Within
This summer, PazNaz Kids (grades 1-5) will learn about the Fruit of the Spirit through the stories and teachings of Jesus – the great “Farmer” who is able to grow those qualities within you.

6:30 pm in Room 102, Lower Sanctuary
Contact Pastor Doug Ravasdy – 626.351.2456

Oasis Adult Ministry
Oasis is a ministry program for special needs teens and adults. This summer, Oasis will continue going through Romans. Come for a time of connection with friends and worship as the group learns how to live out the mission of Christ and discovers ways to serve him. 

6:30 pm in Room 115, Lower Sanctuary
Contact Pastor Julie Keith – 626.351.2485

Worship and Celebration Arts
Come lift your voice and have fun with a great team in the Celebration Choir, the Sunrise Orchestra, Testify (grades 6-12), or Sonseekers (grades 1-5). Pick up a Worship and Celebration Arts brochure for more information.

Celebration Choir: Wednesday at 6:45 pm in Room 101, Sanctuary
Sunrise Orchestra: Thursday at 7:30 pm in Room 101, Sanctuary
Sonseekers: Sundays at 11:25 am in Room 108, Sanctuary
Testify: Sundays at 11:55 am in Room 101, Sanctuary

Contact Pastor Alan De Vries – 626.351.2419

Armenian Christian Outreach
The Armenian Christian Outreach of PazNaz invites you for a time of prayer and Bible study on Wednesdays.

Prayer Meeting at 6:30 pm in Room 148, Reed Hall
Bible Study at 7:30 pm in Room 146, Reed Hall

Contact Pastor Mano Agulian – 626.351.2471