An Advent Experience

Welcome to an Advent Experience: A Thrill of Hope, A Weary World Rejoices. This collections developed and curated by Faith Romasco is an opportunity to pause and reflect each day leading up to Christmas through multi-media contemplative prayer practices.

Let’s intentionally journey together. Let’s be curious and full of wonder.

You may be new to contemplative prayer, and that is okay, what is important to know is that contemplative prayer is less about an outcome and more about a process. The Church has been praying contemplative prayers for generations upon generations.

You may be new to the idea that art has a place in the spiritual disciplines, and that is okay too, what is important to know is that God speaks in 10,000 ways and God plays in 10,000 places. How can we awaken and stay awake to God who is a present reality?

You may be challenged, and that is good, what is important is being open to what God might have to say to you. This is a deeply personal process of formation and discipleship and feeling challenged in that process is necessary.

During Advent we hold what is precious and what is painful in the same hands and posture ourselves in humility towards Emmanuel, God who is with us. God who in all vulnerability meets us where we are and journeys with us into a new way of being.

Each exercise will have an audio recording followed by a scripture passage and a photograph of a piece of artwork. Begin with the audio guided contemplative prayer and then move into the prayer practices and scripture below.

Together we will be exploring Lectio Divina as well as Visio Divina. So often we want to make art literal depictions, but this journey and collection is designed to capture the emotionality of the scripture it is inspired by.

Painting these pieces and cultivating these prayers has been deeply meaningful to me. Opening my process to you is my act of worship and offering in this season that is rich in meaning and ripe with potential.

May you engage with anticipation and expectancy.

Faith Romasco
Pastor of Formation


#1 Creation


#2 Covenant


#3 Exodus


#4 Promised Land


#5 Exile


#6 Christ


#7 Church/Pentecost


#8 All Things