Adult Sunday School Classes, Sundays at 11:00 am

All classes meet from 9:15-10:15 am, between the services on Sunday mornings.


Age Range: 45 – 80
Location: Room 246, Reed Hall

This class helps Christians to grow in their relationship with God and each other through Bible education and fellowship. There is class participation during the lessons.

Del Rey

Average Age: 70
Location: Room 248, Reed Hall

Learning and sharing God’s love as a community.


Age Range: 45 – 80
Location: Gilmore Hall North

Committed to loving and caring for one another, striving to provide a warm and welcoming environment through fellowship and Bible-based study with various teachers.


Age Range: 50+
Location: Room 247, Reed Hall

Welcoming, caring, compassionate folks with Bible-based lessons.


Age Range: 50s
Location: Room 114, Lower Sanctuary 

A small class centered on book discussion with a fulfilling sense of community.

The Journey

Age Range: 30s-50s
Location: Room 108, Lower Sanctuary

A place for parents with children at home to do life together; focused on prayer and discussing/applying the weekly sermon.

New Ground

Average Age: 32
Location: Room 201, Sanctuary

Connecting to God and one another through coffee and the Book of Common Prayer.


Age Range: 30s – 60s
Location: Gilmore Hall South

This class utilizes a Bible-based curriculum and discussion format.

YR Class

Age Range: 25 – 65
Location: Room 249, Reed Hall

Interactive, multigenerational group with open discussions each week.