Mentoring the Future

La Fuente Ministries is a community of Christ-followers committed to connecting and honoring generations for the sake of discipleship. La Fuente Ministries believes that the transference of faith from one generation to the next is not a one-directional movement of information from the older to the younger generation. Instead we believe that multiple generations mutually impact and transform one another, so God invites the church to create spaces of intersection and learning between the generations. At La Fuente Ministries, we believe that God has called us to not only have multiple generations sitting next to each other during worship, but … Read More

Sisters in Christ

I have never considered myself to be a “retreat” kind of woman. In fact, before becoming involved in PazNaz’s Women’s Ministries several years ago, I never considered myself to be a “Women’s Ministries” kind of woman. Women’s Ministries events and the idea of a weekend retreat just sounded like too much estrogen for me to handle. However, I quickly discovered women at PazNaz who helped me change my perspective. I found women both young and old who were kind, generous, and real. I found women I wanted to get to know on a deeper level; I just had to make … Read More

Stepping Out of Our Comfort Zone

PazNaz’s Special Needs Ministries’ annual fundraiser, Love Walk & Roll, is just around the corner. Each year this event raises money to send special needs families to a summer retreat, provides funding for the PazNaz Wheels basketball program, and funds scholarships for siblings and parents to attend events. Over the years, Love Walk & Roll has impacted many people, both those with special needs and those without. It has been a dream of mine to see individuals and families from the PazNaz community go beyond the walls of the church and tap into their own community connections. I believe this … Read More