Our Journey to Know Jesus Christ

As my wife and I are preparing for baptism on Easter Sunday, the fullness of our spiritual journey has come to mind. Today, some 50 years later, I can still clearly remember how my grandma shared with me the story of Jesus Christ when I was five, just before the Cultural Revolution. She shared with me how Jesus Christ was betrayed, suffered and died on the cross, and was raised from death. My grandma told me that Jesus Christ is our living Lord. In those days, we had our grandparents’ Bible in our home. But when the Cultural Revolution came, … Read More

Reframing Our Story

We love stories. Whether it’s books, movies, or Netflix binge watching; we love stories and stories move us. Stories make space for two things: our delight in the recognition of our similar experiences and the surprise in the introduction of a new reality that was not previously known. I love awkward and dorky television comedy because it normalizes my own story, and I love the surprise of deeply meaningful documentaries because they expand and challenge my perspective. We love stories because we all have a Story; a collection of moments and experiences that shapes how we see the world, structures … Read More

On the Shores of Shifting Sand

It was one of those moments when I would have liked to be able to stop time. A 13-month-old Caleb was nestled tightly in the baby carrier on my husband Jeff’s back as he and I stood hand in hand on a Hawaiian beach. The water rolled back and forth over our toes. The sun was about to fully burst across the horizon as I breathed in the fresh, salty air. I was noticeably present in that moment. Being present was rare for me in those days. I was a full-time seminary student, a brand new mother, and serving in … Read More