Say Hello to Daniel Ramos

You may have been there before: your alarm clock wakes you to a question echoing around in your brain. Throughout your morning, you try to take care of the tasks you need to accomplish, but you can’t fully focus on these things. Try as you might, you have no idea what time that upcoming PazNaz event starts! During lunch, you decide to head over to PazNaz to find out the answer and free yourself from this burden. After parking your car, you move toward the PazNaz offices with your question burning in the back of your mind. If only there … Read More

From Bored to Floored

My husband, Brandon, and I moved to Los Angeles in the fall of 2012. I was eight months pregnant with our first child and we had just moved away from all of our family to a place where we knew no one. After struggling to find a church we landed at PazNaz in February of 2014. Although we were eager to quickly get plugged in, we had a really hard time finding where we fit. Growing up as pastors kids in small Nazarene churches we knew that in order to find our place in a large church like PazNaz we … Read More