Smiles and Blankets

Helping Hands is a PazNaz ministry that provides food and clothing for an average of 80 families each Wednesday, including 12 homeless friends. Cathy VanderLaan shares her experiences volunteering with Helping Hands: I first met John (not his real name), one of our homeless friends, a couple of years ago when I started working at Helping Hands. I had noticed that some people have a hard time dealing with the homeless, but I don’t have this problem, so I found myself volunteering to work with them. When I introduced myself to John, I said, “Hi, I’m Cathy. I’m taking over … Read More

From Preschool to PazNaz

When spring hit and my oldest daughter turned three years old, I realized I needed to find a preschool. I had no clue what went into finding a preschool. I have since learned that people stand in line for hours to get a number for registration that takes place on another day. Some eager moms camp out overnight just to be the first in line. Others begin research into the best preschool environment that will ultimately lead to a degree from Harvard. Some search high and low for a preschool that will provide education, the arts, and creative play. I … Read More