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W is for Wednesdays

Wednesdays at 6:30 pm

Women's Ministries: Girlfriend to Girlfriend

Girlfriend to Girlfriend is a book study led by Debbie Daniels and a great place to connect with other women. This fall's topic is Soul Keeping: Caring For the Most Important Part of You by John Ortberg. The health of your soul is the difference between deep, satisfied spirituality and a restless, dispassionate faith. Come rediscover your soul and find your way out of the spiritual shallow-lands to true divine depth. Books will be available the first day of class. There is a $20 fee for materials. Scholarships are available. Come rediscover your soul!

6:30 pm in Gilmore Hall

Contact Debbie Daniels - 626.351.2429

Men's Ministries: Seven Questions

There are seven questions that often rattle in the minds of most men. Things like "Why am I here," "Where am I going," and "Who can I trust?" Plan on being a part of the conversation in the series Seven Questions on Wednesday evenings.

6:30 pm in Room 246, Reed Hall

Contact Pastor Joe Halbert - 626.351.2421

PazNaz Kids

Nursery - 6:30 pm in Room 228, Arms Hall

Infants, ages Birth-2, will receive the utmost care by qualified staff.

The Jesus Storybook for Preschoolers - 6:30 pm in Room 227, Arms Hall

Children ages 3-Kindergarten will love the vivid illustrations, animated teachings, and activities that bring to life Bible stories from the Old and New Testament. They'll learn every story in the Bible points to Jesus - and what that means for them!

Don't Have A C.O.W. - 6:30 pm in Room 102, Lower Sanctuary

C.O.W. (Creating On Wednesdays) is back! Children in grades 1-6 will learn about the Bible as each familiar story takes a totally unexpected- and absolutely wrong- twist. "Hey, That's Not What the Bible Says" includes stories, games, and creating.

Contact Pastor Doug Ravasdy - 626.351.2456

or Pastor Jayme Lenker - 626.351.2469

Student Ministries

Beyond the Flannelgraph - Jr. and Sr. High students are invited to take a closer look at familiar Bible characters. Perhaps there are more to stories like Noah's Ark and David and Goliath than you thought? All students in 7th-12th grade are welcome to this exciting time of Bible Study, engaging worship, fun games, and friendship building.

6:30 pm in Meguiar Youth Center

Contact Pastor Drew Vinson, Sr. High - 626.351.2436

or Pastor Mackenzie Smith, Jr. High - 626.351.2441

Oasis Adult Ministry

Oasis provides a place for teens and adults who have special needs to find community and connection while learning to live more like Jesus. This fall, Oasis will be studying the life of the minor prophets and spending time in worship.

6:30 pm in Room 115, Lower Sanctuary

Contact Pastor Julie Keith - 626.351.2485

Worship and Celebration Arts

The primary purpose of Worship and Celebration Arts is to lift high the name of Jesus and to glorify God through the gifts he has given you. You are needed! Come lift your voice and have fun with a great team in the Celebration Choir on Wednesday nights, and with the Sunrise Orchestra on Thursday evenings. Pick up a Worship and Celebration Arts brochure for more information.

Celebration Choir

Every 3rd & 4th Wednesday at 6:45 pm in Room 101, Sanctuary

Sunrise Orchestra

Every 3rd & 4th Thursday at 7:30 pm in Room 101, Sanctuary

Contact Pastor Alan De Vries - 626.351.2419

Positive Parenting

This seven session class offers you tools that demonstrate mutual respect, empowering not enabling, and discovering the belief behind the behavior. The cost is $35 per family. Free children's program with registration. Children with special needs are always welcome.

Register online at:

Wednesday Class for Birth through Teens

Starts September 24 for seven weeks

6:30 - 8:00 pm in Room 249, Reed Hall

Thursday Class for Birth through Teens

Starts September 25 for seven weeks

9:30 - 11:30 am in Room 249, Reed Hall

Contact Pastor Jayme Lenker - 626.351.2469

The Gathering

This group will meet every week for an evening of hymns and choruses, prayer requests, testimonies, and a short devotion based on book The Beautiful Fight, by Gary Thomas, led by Pastor Darwin Ng.

6:30 pm in Lee Chapel

Contact Pastor Darwin Ng - 626.351.2461

Armenian Christian Outreach

The Armenian Christian Outreach of PazNaz invites you for a time of prayer and Bible study on Wednesdays.

Prayer Meeting at 6:30 pm

in Room 149B, Reed Hall

Bible Study at 7:30 pm

in Room 146, Reed Hall

Contact Pastor Mano Agulian - 626.351.2471